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ColorFit™ by Milton 716MC Pneumatic Couplers - (M-style, Red) - 1/4" NPT Male, (Box of 10)

ColorFit™ by Milton 716MC Pneumatic Couplers - (M-style, Red) - 1/4" NPT Male, (Box of 10)

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ColorFit by Milton Industries - M-Style Pneumatic Couplers PUT COLOR TO USE IN YOUR SHOP • Easily match couplers to the right plugs using color, red to red, no more guessing. • Use color to distinguish between air lines, such as lubricated vs. non-lubricated, or high pressure vs. low pressure. SUPERIOR PRODUCT DESIGN • Durable patent-pending steel sleeve coupler design outlasts the competition by putting steel where you need it most. • Milton uses a proprietary anodizing process that simply lasts longer. COMPATIBILITY • ColorFit M-style couplers and plugs are compatible with traditional Milton M-style couplers and plugs, competitor M-style couplers and plugs, and competitor red couplers and plugs. • Threaded connections are 1/4" NPT. INCLUDES • 10 male couplers SPECIFICATIONS • Do not exceed 300 PSI • For use with compressed air only

  • ColorFit M-STYLE: Compatible with traditional Milton M-style and competitor red couplers and plugs.
  • DISTINGUISH: Between air lines by color (ie: high vs. low pressure, lubricated vs. non-lubricated).
  • EASY MATCH COLOR FITTINGS: Red to Red, couplers to plugs. Simply push to connect.
  • DURABLE: Scratch-resistant steel sleeve design wears better vs. competitor aluminum sleeve designs.
  • INCLUDES: Displayable bulk pack box of ten M-Style Male 1/4" NPT pneumatic air couplers.


Number of Pieces: 10

Country of Origin: China

Warranty: 1 Year


Product Length 2
Product Width(in) .875
Product Height(in) .875
Product Weight(lbs)


Package Length 2.375
Package Width(in) 2.125
Package Height(in) 4.75
Package Weight(lbs)