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Milton (S-520) Bayonet Tire Inflator Gauge - Straight Air Chuck Head, 120 Max PSI

Milton (S-520) Bayonet Tire Inflator Gauge - Straight Air Chuck Head, 120 Max PSI

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Milton (S-520) Bayonet Tire Inflator Gauge - Straight Chuck Head, 120 Max PSI Milton’s #520 Straight head chuck bayonet gauge has lever action and is made with heavy-duty construction, providing long service life even with constant use. Valve and gauge cartridges are replaceable and combined in one easy unit. Includes a 12" hose with a pressure range that offers 10-120 PSI (2-lb. increments) or 80-840 kPa (20 kPa increments). The air chuck has 1/4” Barb threads. Complete with a jumbo white nylon indicator bar for easy reading. With ¼” NPT threads, all Milton hose whips are compatible for use and have interchangeable connections with any of the 4 Milton Bayonet Inflator Gauge bodies: #520 (straight chuck head), #521 (single chuck head), #522 (dual truck head chuck), and #523 (grip chuck head to lock onto valve). Recommended Replacement Parts: S-520’s replacement air hose whip: Milton #528 (12-inch hose whip w/straight chuck head). S-520’s replacement air chuck: Milton #P500-45. Replacement cartridge for #520-523: Milton #525.

  • 1/4" NPT. Air chuck threads: 1/4" Barb. Pressure range of PSI (10-120) and kPa (80-840).
  • Includes: Bayonet-style inflator gauge, Straight head air chuck, and 12" Hose.
  • Replacement hose whip: Milton #528.
  • Replacement air chuck: Milton #P500-45.
  • All Milton replacement hose whips have 1/4” NPT threads and are interchangeable with any Milton bayonet gauge.


Number of Pieces: 1

Country of Origin: USA

Warranty: 1 Year


Product Length 15.00
Product Width(in) 2.75
Product Height(in) 1.00
Product Weight(lbs)


Package Length 10.56
Package Width(in) 3.625
Package Height(in) 1.25
Package Weight(lbs)